Monday, 22 July 2013

boxing up the final 3 singles

it's a busy week boxing up PUPS, Comet Gain and Middle Ones singles for subscribers, while watching Misfits and Hannibal... so subscribers should be getting their copies soon... real soon...

and for those of you that haven't subscribed yet, the details are below... if you're going to be at indietracks this weekend let me know and i'll bring your records along and HAND THEM OVER IN PERSON...

seven exclusive 7" singles, all solid gold HITS, seven download codes, seven inserts, and seven unavailable elsewhere gifts, from Darren HaymanJeff MellinHong Kong In The 60s, SourpatchPupsComet Gain and the Middle Ones!

to subscribe to wiaiwya-7777777 2013 (all seven 7" singles)
add 2012 membership number

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