Saturday, 12 April 2014

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Part 1: Find The Band

as you know, this year's 7777777's form a fully illustrated seven step guide to releasing your own records.

Part 1, as good a place to start as any, is Find The Band - the amazing Tom Humberstone provides the illustration, and Sean "magic ears" Price shares some wisdom. In case you didn't know (what have you been doing?) Sean runs Fortuna POP!, and has released every good record that has ever been released by every good band ever (apart from the ones on wiaiwya, obvs)

where is good band?

Get there early for the soundcheck. Ask Trev if he’s seen the good band. Ignore Trev. Watch the supports. Talk to the supports. Ask your friends if they’ve seen the good band (it’s not their band). Go home. Open demo. Put CD in player, read letter, put CD case on stack, put jiffy bag in box, put letter in recycling, take CD out of player, throw CD in the bin. 15 seconds. Check your emails. No information. <DELETE>. “Influenced by The Libert..”. <DELETE>. Nice, polite email that mentions influences and shows understanding of what your record label might be about. No mp3s. Listen to Soundcloud link. Lose Soundcloud link. Forget about band. Listen to Riley. Listen to John Kennedy. Listen, listen, and listen. Read Anorak Forum. Listen, listen, and listen. Read SoundsXP. Listen, listen, and listen. Who’s playing Indietracks? Who’ve Slumberland just signed? Listen, listen, and listen. Ask Tom if he’s seen the good band. Ignore Tom. Listen, listen, and listen. Follow a link, then another link, across a blog, then round the corner. There they are… the good band! Oh. They’re already signed to WIAIWYA. Get there early for the soundcheck…

Sunday, 6 April 2014

release date - Freschard (with the Wave Pictures)

Fresh from the success of her latest album (Boom Biddy Boom, out now on wiaiwya) Freschard releases her first picture disc!

Recorded in an afternoon at Soup Studios with the Wave Pictures, it features a re-recording of one of the album’s many highlights – And The Rain

Freschard grew up in a farm in French Burgundy. She started organizing shows in the barn when she was about 12 years old. Aged 18 she moved to the big city, Paris, where she baked pies and cakes in a cafe. There, a local musician and regular customer called Andre Herman Dune wrote a few songs for her to sing. She called her first E.P. “Neon Orange”. Homeless in Paris, she saved up just enough money to get herself a ticket to New York. There she found an old electric guitar and started writing her own songs. She recorded her second e.p., "Shower Gel", with Mike Gomez on lapsteel guitar. In 2004 she moved to Berlin, where she recorded her first LP, "Alien Duck". Her second album, "Click Click", recorded in 2006, features a drummer (Leo Bear Creek), and electric guitar by Stanley Brinks. On her third album, “Moonstone”, she plays the drums herself. On her fourth “Shh...” she also plays the flute.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

77 days is too long - The Leaf Library

oh, yes... in just 77 days time the new Leaf Library single is OUT

The Leaf Library make droney, two-chord, pop that’s stuck halfway between the garage and the bedroom, all topped with lyrical love songs to buildings, stationery and the weather. Originally from Reading (ish) but now settled in London they have released one album so far, 2011’s ‘Different Activities, Similar Diversions’ on Proper Songs and a 10” single – ‘Losing Places’ (backed with a fantastic Isan remix). They love Hood, Broadcast, Yo La Tengo, To Rococo Rot, Mice Parade, Talk Talk, Stereolab, Brian Eno and The American Analog Set among many many other things.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Gideon Coe has been playing Freschard (with the Wave Pictures)

yep, DJ-with-impeccable-taste Gideon Coe played Clemence's single again last night, you can listen again here, or buy your own copy here:

Sunday, 2 March 2014

And The Rain by Freschard, recorded live at the Union Chapel

here's an acoustic recording of the lovely And The Rain from when Clemence played the Union Chapel earlier this year

you can get the original on the album Boom Biddy Boom, or the recording with the Wave Pictures here: