Wednesday, 7 November 2018

release date - Saint Etienne

London indie label wiaiwya is extraordinarily thrilled to be putting out the new single from POP heroes Saint Etienne.

You know this already, but Saint Etienne formed in 1990. Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs had previously written Caff, the fanzine that was also a record label (they released 17 singles between 1989 and 1992, including releases by Pulp, Manic Street Preachers, Galaxie 500 and the Orchids)
The first Saint Etienne album, Foxbase Alpha, was released in 1991 – for me it was a dance record for an indie fan, for my friends it was an indie record for dance fans, and it was one of very few records we agreed on. Pete and Bob also released two Cola Boy singles.

In 1993 they collaborated with Kylie, and released ‘So Tough’ (I shoplifted it on tape from WHSmiths, but that didn’t stop it reaching No. 7 in the UK albums chart). 1994’s ‘Tiger Bay’ reached No. 8, and two years later they released a compilation album, ‘Too Young to Die’, which came with a companion disc of amazing remixes.

20 years ago, ‘Good Humor’ came out on Creation Records (and Sub Pop in the US) – they have just finished an anniversary tour.

They’ve made five more albums to date, and in 2005 they made a film, ‘What Have You Done Today, Mervyn Day?’ documenting the Lea Valley before it was transformed into the 2012 Olympic site. In 2007 they were artists-in-residence at the newly refurbished Royal Festival Hall in London.

Sarah has also released a couple of solo albums, Bob has written a few books, and Pete has recorded a few soundtracks

And now they’ve done a single for wiaiwya!

Monday, 8 October 2018

Pete Astor single launch

if you are in London on 10th October, why not come along to Pete Astor's single launch at the Betsey

Sunday, 7 October 2018

release date - Pete Astor

Earlier this year Pete Astor spent a day in the studio with The Wave Pictures’ rhythm section, Johnny Helm and Franic Rozycki.

Back in 1980 Pete Astor was in The Living Room, who went on to become The Loft, who signed to Creation – releasing the label’s 9th and 15th singles. In 1986 he was in The Weather Prophets, who released two albums for Creation. By 1990 he had gone solo, releasing another two long players for the label. 1992 saw a move to Danceteria in France for a further two albums.

After a busy start, the 1990’s were a quiet decade for Pete musically, but he returned before the millennium with Ellis Island Sound (who signed with Heavenly Recordings) and The Wisdom of Harry (who eventually signed to Matador Records).

The 21st century has seen regular solo and Ellis Island Sound releases on hip young labels, most recently Static Caravan, Fortuna POP!, Slumberland and Tapete.

He works as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster, where he teaches, researches and writes about music; in 2014, he published his study of Richard Hell and the Voidoids' Blank Generation, as part of Bloomsbury's 33⅓ series.

Peter Cook was part of a four-man group satirical stage show, Beyond the Fringe, with Jonathan Miller, Alan Bennett and Dudley Moore. In the 60’s, Cook opened The Establishment club in Soho, provided financial backing for the satirical magazine Private Eye, made the tv show Not Only... But Also, as well as the film Bedazzled, both with Dudley Moore. He co-hosted Saturday Night Live, released three Derek and Clive LPs, and in 1978, Cook appeared on the British music series Revolver as the manager of a ballroom where emerging punk and new wave acts played… AND he was the Impressive Clergyman in The Princess Bride. He died on 9 January 1995, aged 57.

“When I was thinking about who to ask for new seven inches to be a part of the seventh (and final) wiaiwya-7777777 singles club it occurred to me that the person I had consistently been a fan of for the longest was Pete Astor - I came to Lou Reed, Jonathan Richman, the Spice Girls, Scott Walker and Kraftwerk much later, and I may have liked the Smiths, Peter Gabriel, the Kids From Fame and Nik Kershaw before I heard Mayflower by the Weather Prophets, but I think we can agree they have all gone off the boil a little in the last 30 years. Pete Astor, on the other hand, is always great.”

Saturday, 6 October 2018

new flyers

all the records

here they are, all 109 songs released on the wiaiwya-7777777 singles over the last seven years:

the Wave Pictures - Salt
the Wave Pictures - Sugar Maple Charcoal
the Wave Pictures - New Born Deer
the Werewandas - Dig My Grave
the Werewandas - Nothing Left To Do But Cry
the Werewandas - Now and Forever
Tally Ho! - I Never Will Marry
Tally Ho! - Kid
Tally Ho! - Nature Boy
Standard Fare - At The Lake
Standard Fare - Girlfriend
Standard Fare - Keeps Me Going
Shrag - Unseasonal Thoughts
Shrag - Obscenity Begins At Home
Shrag - Gutless Wonder
Eux Autres - Tilt The Crown
Eux Autres - Smollis Theme
Eux Autres - What It Is
Allo Darlin - Only Dust Behind
Allo Darlin - Dear John
Allo Darlin - Kings And Queens
Jeff Mellin - Smile Like A Lemon Peel, Kiss Like A Paper Cut
Jeff Mellin - Don't Go Crazy Before I Do
Hong Kong In The 60s - Patricia
Hong Kong In The 60s - Sea Sketch 1912
Hong Kong In The 60s - Terre Des Hommes 1967
Darren Hayman and the Long Parliament - Old Man
Darren Hayman and the Long Parliament - I Don't Want To Get Used To It
Sourpatch - You Knew
Sourpatch - Let's Get Educated
Pups - Month Long Sleep
Pups - Park Ghost
Pups - Double
Comet Gain - Avenue Girls
Comet Gain - Envelopes
the Middle Ones - McBee
the Middle Ones - OMC
Freschard (with the Wave Pictures) - Monsters
Freschard (with the Wave Pictures) - And The Rain
Trick Mammoth - Candy Darling
Trick Mammoth - Doll
the Leaf Library - the Greater Good
the Leaf Library - Goodbye Four Walls
the School - When I Fall In Love
the School - Just Let Me Be Here
My Favorite - Second Empire
My Favorite - Dance With A Stranger
the Human Hearts (with Franklin Bruno and Jenny Toomey) - Loyal Opposition
the Human Hearts (with Franklin Bruno and Jenny Toomey) - Distracted
eagleowl - Clean the Night
eagleowl - Life We Knew
the Fairlight Myth - Alpha November
the Fairlight Myth - Love Repeats
World Of Fox & Amelia Fletcher - Be Kind To My Love
World Of Fox & Amelia Fletcher - Oh My Love
Bel √Čtage - Quiet Town
Bel √Čtage - Lonesome Heartache Constellation
Woodpigeon & Norman Blake - Brutish Birds
Woodpigeon & Norman Blake - Tokyo Hotel Room
Fever Dream & Laura K - Ghost
Fever Dream & Laura K - the Squall
Bill and Hannah Botting - Flags and Windchimes
Bill and Hannah Botting - Brisbane on Everything
Bill and Hannah Botting - No Thank You Sir
the Friday Swaps - Hot Dog Race
the Friday Swaps - Half Past
Deerful - Moon Maps
Deerful - Hush Me
Hate Week - Nights By The Lake
Hate Week - Blunt Claws
Hate Week - Amplified Heart
Citizen Helene - How Can You Find Someone To Love
Citizen Helene - Bridges
Nancy Sin - Again and Again
Nancy Sin - Room For Rent
Milk Skin - Syrupy
Milk Skin - Spacerace
Whoa Melodic - Goodbye Good Luck and See You
Whoa Melodic - Hey Hey My Reflection
Parenthesis... - Your Excellency
Parenthesis... - CATS HOME/DOGS HOME
Famous Problems - Riot Reunion
Famous Problems - Moon Thinking
The Smith Garrett Band - List Of Things To Do
The Smith Garrett Band - Computer Love
Scrabbel - All Night
Scrabbel - Summer's End
the Great Electric - Recognizer (Part 1)
the Great Electric - Recognizer (Part 2)
Emma Kupa - 4:35 In The Office
Emma Kupa - Fast Charlie
DJ Downfall - Coming Apart At The Seams
DJ Downfall - Black Sails
Elva - Dreaming With Our Feet
Elva - Tailwind
Spearmint - Senseless (A Stranger)
Spearmint - The Music They Love Us To Hate
Birdie - Tomorrow
Birdie - Bowling Green
the Catenary Wires - Was That Love?
the Catenary Wires - What About The Rings?
the Orchids - I Never Learn
the Orchids - Echos (Have Hope)
Pete Astor - Peter Cook
Pete Astor - Petrol And Ash
Saint Etienne - Camel Coat (Browning Version)
Saint Etienne - Little Chef
The Wedding Present - White Riot
Cinerama - The Name Of The Game

Saturday, 29 September 2018

all the sets of wiaiwya-7777777 2018 have now sold

but don't worry, there are still sets of 2017, 2016 and 2015 available - seven amazing, and beautiful, singles per year