Wednesday, 7 August 2013

wiaiwya-7777777 release date - PUPS

PUPS are Katie, Rose and Caitlin, a three piece riot grrrl indie garage noise pop combo from Vancouver, British Columbia. Their debut single includes the HITS Month Long Sleep, Park Ghost and Double, and comes in a beautiful die cut sleeve, with deluxe insert.

PUPS (all caps, please) owe as much to Sleater Kinney and the Honey Ltd as Dolly Mixture and the Go-Gos… everyone sings, everyone writes, everyone has the time of their lives

PUPS, formerly Puppies, have been together for 18 months and are no strangers to band life. Katie used to play with Bad Fate and more recently with Diane. Rose, PUPS’ most seasoned member, has played with the likes of Vancouver’s Brave Irene, Tally Ho!, Bleating Hearts, and Jay Arner, among others (erm, that’s indie ROYALTY Go Sailor, the Softies and Tiger Trap!).

"Their sweet, energetic garage pop and well-rehearsed harmonies are easy to love" - beatroute

To date PUPS have released a split tape with Movieland on Green Burrito Records and have featured on the Vancouver POP Alliance compilation on Mint Records.

Only 77 copies are available individually - the rest are for subscribers to the wiaiwya singles club - so get ‘em while you can

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