Tuesday, 3 January 2012

wiaiwya-7777777 subscribers CD swap


as january is always a bit of a frugal month i thought it'd be a good idea to do a 7777777 subscribers cd swap... if you want in just mail me with your membership number, and "SWAP ME" in the subject line, before friday 7th Jan, i'll put all the names in a metaphorical hat, and let you know the name and address of the person you are making a CD for (so everyone who wants to take part will make a CD for someone, and get one from someone else...)...

please add any comments on your compilations below


  1. As this is a 'singles club' I decided to make a compilation of random choices from my 7" collection. Their only common factor was that the tunes weren't on my iPod (and they are now)...... so it ranged from Frank Sidebottom to Cozy Powell via Bill Nelson and Killing Joke.....well, I liked it

    Bob the Chiropodist

  2. got mine today! all songs with 7 in title or bandname. ah the pressure... not quite finished mine yet, but working on it.

  3. Got mine from 'Peter' - 4 catagories with 4 tracks in each - only one track on it I knew - This is what they want!
    You've got my address John - send me yours (can't find your labels address anywhere)

  4. 77 pence mix... As John says, bit of a frugal month so headed to the 2p 7" bin in Lucky Seven Records. Idea was to spend 77p but ended up walking out with 77 records, ditched half of them after home listening, then made a mix. Think I'll also send a set of favourites from my collection as quality was a bit eh, variable.