Saturday, 7 January 2012

seven sevens are forty nine

during 2012 there will be a whole lot of SEVEN SEVENS ARE FORTY NINE club nights cropping up... let me know if you'd like to organise your own, and we'll promote it from the blog

the idea is simple... seven people play seven records... they can be 7"es, but that's not essential...

the first will be on 28th January, at SCARED TO DANCE, in Kings Cross Social Club, where you can hear 7 HITS each from John Jervis (wiaiwya), Sean Price (Fortuna POP!), Virginie Selavy (The Werewandas), Robert Rotifer (Rotifer), Ben Clancy (The Hangover Lounge), DJ Downfall (Tender Trap) + a SPECIAL GUEST

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