Saturday, 6 October 2018

all the records

here they are, all 109 songs released on the wiaiwya-7777777 singles over the last seven years:

the Wave Pictures - Salt
the Wave Pictures - Sugar Maple Charcoal
the Wave Pictures - New Born Deer
the Werewandas - Dig My Grave
the Werewandas - Nothing Left To Do But Cry
the Werewandas - Now and Forever
Tally Ho! - I Never Will Marry
Tally Ho! - Kid
Tally Ho! - Nature Boy
Standard Fare - At The Lake
Standard Fare - Girlfriend
Standard Fare - Keeps Me Going
Shrag - Unseasonal Thoughts
Shrag - Obscenity Begins At Home
Shrag - Gutless Wonder
Eux Autres - Tilt The Crown
Eux Autres - Smollis Theme
Eux Autres - What It Is
Allo Darlin - Only Dust Behind
Allo Darlin - Dear John
Allo Darlin - Kings And Queens
Jeff Mellin - Smile Like A Lemon Peel, Kiss Like A Paper Cut
Jeff Mellin - Don't Go Crazy Before I Do
Hong Kong In The 60s - Patricia
Hong Kong In The 60s - Sea Sketch 1912
Hong Kong In The 60s - Terre Des Hommes 1967
Darren Hayman and the Long Parliament - Old Man
Darren Hayman and the Long Parliament - I Don't Want To Get Used To It
Sourpatch - You Knew
Sourpatch - Let's Get Educated
Pups - Month Long Sleep
Pups - Park Ghost
Pups - Double
Comet Gain - Avenue Girls
Comet Gain - Envelopes
the Middle Ones - McBee
the Middle Ones - OMC
Freschard (with the Wave Pictures) - Monsters
Freschard (with the Wave Pictures) - And The Rain
Trick Mammoth - Candy Darling
Trick Mammoth - Doll
the Leaf Library - the Greater Good
the Leaf Library - Goodbye Four Walls
the School - When I Fall In Love
the School - Just Let Me Be Here
My Favorite - Second Empire
My Favorite - Dance With A Stranger
the Human Hearts (with Franklin Bruno and Jenny Toomey) - Loyal Opposition
the Human Hearts (with Franklin Bruno and Jenny Toomey) - Distracted
eagleowl - Clean the Night
eagleowl - Life We Knew
the Fairlight Myth - Alpha November
the Fairlight Myth - Love Repeats
World Of Fox & Amelia Fletcher - Be Kind To My Love
World Of Fox & Amelia Fletcher - Oh My Love
Bel √Čtage - Quiet Town
Bel √Čtage - Lonesome Heartache Constellation
Woodpigeon & Norman Blake - Brutish Birds
Woodpigeon & Norman Blake - Tokyo Hotel Room
Fever Dream & Laura K - Ghost
Fever Dream & Laura K - the Squall
Bill and Hannah Botting - Flags and Windchimes
Bill and Hannah Botting - Brisbane on Everything
Bill and Hannah Botting - No Thank You Sir
the Friday Swaps - Hot Dog Race
the Friday Swaps - Half Past
Deerful - Moon Maps
Deerful - Hush Me
Hate Week - Nights By The Lake
Hate Week - Blunt Claws
Hate Week - Amplified Heart
Citizen Helene - How Can You Find Someone To Love
Citizen Helene - Bridges
Nancy Sin - Again and Again
Nancy Sin - Room For Rent
Milk Skin - Syrupy
Milk Skin - Spacerace
Whoa Melodic - Goodbye Good Luck and See You
Whoa Melodic - Hey Hey My Reflection
Parenthesis... - Your Excellency
Parenthesis... - CATS HOME/DOGS HOME
Famous Problems - Riot Reunion
Famous Problems - Moon Thinking
The Smith Garrett Band - List Of Things To Do
The Smith Garrett Band - Computer Love
Scrabbel - All Night
Scrabbel - Summer's End
the Great Electric - Recognizer (Part 1)
the Great Electric - Recognizer (Part 2)
Emma Kupa - 4:35 In The Office
Emma Kupa - Fast Charlie
DJ Downfall - Coming Apart At The Seams
DJ Downfall - Black Sails
Elva - Dreaming With Our Feet
Elva - Tailwind
Spearmint - Senseless (A Stranger)
Spearmint - The Music They Love Us To Hate
Birdie - Tomorrow
Birdie - Bowling Green
the Catenary Wires - Was That Love?
the Catenary Wires - What About The Rings?
the Orchids - I Never Learn
the Orchids - Echos (Have Hope)
Pete Astor - Peter Cook
Pete Astor - Petrol And Ash
Saint Etienne - Camel Coat (Browning Version)
Saint Etienne - Little Chef
The Wedding Present - White Riot
Cinerama - The Name Of The Game

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