Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Art Of Bots

excited to tell you that Emma Deerful is playing this

Abandon Normal Devices presents Art of Bots at Somerset House, London.

Over recent years tiny automated and nonsensical beings have infiltrated our daily life. They have taken delight in agitation by imitating human behaviours – from telling jokes to online-dating. These small computer programmes are called bots.

Join us for this two-day event exploring bot behaviour and the creative and darker side of these computer programmes through demos, talks, installations, and performances from artists, thinkers and pioneers of the global bot community.

Featuring contributions from Darius Kazemi (USA), Jeff Thompson (USA), Katie Rose Pipkin (USA), Shardcore (UK), Julien Deswaef (USA), Matt Webb (UK), Chris Rodley (AUS), Sam Lavigne (USA) and Emma Winston (UK).

Co-curated with Matthew Plummer Fernandez and delivered in partnership with Somerset House and Furtherfield.

For more details about the event please visit http://www.andfestival.org.uk/

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