Saturday, 20 February 2016

77 days is too long - Hate Week

yep, you have to wait a WHOLE 77 days before you can own your own copy of the debut 45 from the magnificent Hate Week

but, OH BOY, will it be worth the wait - some early Cure, some early Cribs, all in the hands of Morrissey and Comet Gain drummer (and Love Is All, Shrag and Help Stamp Out Loneliness producer) Woodie Taylor

Joel Görsch and Daniel Svanhög used to play in a band called the Faintest Ideas , they broke up in 2008
They started Hate week in 2015 together with Marcus Görsch , Joel's brother.
He's been in Girlfriendo and is still in Love is All

the single comes in a hand made stamp sleeve too:

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