Friday, 7 November 2014

wiaiwya-7777777 2015 - the lineup

yup - the wait is over... here's the lineup for next year's singles club, #viimmxv

wiaiwya-7777777 2015 (or wiaiwya vii mmxv) will be seven collaborations, some are one-offs, some a looking like they might become going concerns, but these records will be the first vinyl outing for each collaboration.
woodpigeon & norman blake

world of fox & amelia fletcher
the fairlight myth (pete astor & keith negus)
hannah botting (owl and mouse) & bill botting (allo darlin)
bel etage (pam berry & lupe nunez-fernandez)
pete weiss & friends (tbc!)

the release dates will be 7th April, 7th May, 7th June, 7th August, 7th October, 7th November and 7th December, and as usual there's be all sorts of presents for subscribers:

what are you waiting for?... make sure you don't miss out and sign up HERE (and if you subscribed in 2014 you can keep your membership number):

to subscribe to wiaiwya-7777777 2015 (seven 7" singles)
add 2014 membership number

you'll notice that the price has gone up a tiny bit for next year (sorry!) but the increased postage costs have meant it's just not possible to keep at 2012 prices any more - remember that as a subscriber you get 10% off everything in the wiaiwya shop too.

and finally, just as a reminder, wiaiwya-7777777 is a celebration of the format and all things seven... Each year subscribers (there are 7*30 of you) pay 7*£5 (plus postage) for seven exclusive singles, one released on each day of the week, always on the 7th of the month... 

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