Friday, 22 August 2014

77 days is too long - the Human Hearts (feat Franklin Bruno and Jenny Toomey)

The penultimate single of wiaiwya-7777777 of 2014 (released November 7th) is by the Human Hearts - the latest band fronted by Franklin Bruno (the chap from Nothing Painted Blue, and author of the 33 1/3 book on Elvis Costello's Armed Forces) with guest vocals from Geek, Tsunami, Grenadine and Liquorice front woman Jenny Toomey. As you know Jenny also co-founded the Simple Machines label.

Not only were Simple Machines (along with Grand Royal and Sarah) one of the main reasons for starting a label, but their Working Holiday 1993 singles club (along with the Wedding Present's Hit Parade and OddBox's 100 club) was a huge inspiration for doing wiaiwya-7777777.

Releasing a record with both the incredible songwriting talents of Franklin Bruno, and Jenny Toomey's gorgeous vocals has been one of my ambitions for wiaiwya - thank you Franklin for making it happen!

so, without further ado - you can pre-order Franklin's first recordings since 2012's Flag Pin, and Jenny's first recordings since 2002's Tempting (an album of Franklin Bruno covers) here, and I URGE you to do so!:


  1. John, would you be able to post a short notice as to how (i.e. when) you plan shipment for the rest of this year's 7777777? Thank you!