Monday, 6 January 2014

no more Secret History

i'm sorry to let you know that the Secret History will no longer be able to do a single for this year's wiaiwya-7777777... 

BUT in their place we have the first new recordings from MY FAVORITE in 9 years!!!

MY FAVORITE were true New York cult heroes, elusive and enigmatic stars of a secret history.They crawled from the suburbs of Long Island to the battered boroughs of New York City, all the while managing to belong nowhere. They created pop songs that feel like films, casting as heroes the misfits, hipsters and monsters of modern life. Beneath shimmering walls of guitars, synthesizers, and melodicas, beat the burning heart of a new wave dream gone wrong. They proposed that our age is worth remembering. They redeemed us by caring. 

let's just remind ourselves why we love(d) them so much:

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