Sunday, 20 October 2013

want to know more about wiaiwya-7777777

wiaiwya-7777777 is a seven inch singles club, a very ambitious seven inch singles club.

It is a celebration of the format and all things seven... Each year subscribers (there are 7*30 of them) pay 7*£4 (plus postage) for seven exclusive singles, one released on each day of the week, always on the 7th of the month... 

If you miss out on the subscriptions you can get one of 7*7 complete sets, or any of the individual singles, but they are limited to just 77 copies each.

wiaiwya-7777777 started in 2012, and is due to run for - you guessed it - seven years.

Subscribers to the first year received coloured vinyl 7"s (the seven colours of the rainbow, natch) by Allo Darlin, Eux Autres, the Werewandas, Tally Ho!, the Wave Pictures and the final recordings from indie darlings Shrag and Standard Fare. Each release was accompanied by a set of sleevenotes about sevens in cinema, London, sport, record labels, maths, pop music and religion.

People that signed up to the 2013 club were sent exclusive singles (in die cut "7" sleeves) by Darren Hayman, Hong Kong In The 60s, PUPS, the Middle Ones, Sourpatch, Jeff Mellin (with Doug Yule in bass!) and Comet Gain. They also got seven gifts; plectrums, badges, tote bags, beer mats, mix CDs, stickers and a membership card.

2014 promises to be the most ambitious yet; seven picture discs that together form a fully illustrated seven step guide to releasing your own records - the world's first all vinyl self help guide, if you will.

The full line up of bands and illustrators will be announced on 7th Nov, when subscriptions will become available...

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