Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sourpatch single available for pre-order

you will fall in love with Sourpatch; completely, joyously, unconditionally, justifiably, eternally, and imminently…

Sourpatch have a new single, the double A-side "You Knew" and "Let's Get Educated"
Sourpatch is a four piece pop-worshiping ensemble from San Jose, Ca.
Sourpatch endorse a gender freeing, queer positive, feminist thinking, body positive, crush worthy lifestyle!
Sourpatch is a band, a gang, a movement, a resource, a PARTY, an inspiration, a TOUR DE FORCE.
Sourpatch love you as much as you love them, sometimes more so
Sourpatch have TUNES… so, so many tunes
Sourpatch embrace the ethics of Dischord, the attitude of Kill Rock Stars, the geography of Beserkley, the tunes of Lookout!, the patronage of Happy Happy Birthday To Me, and the records they have all released
Sourpatch have CHORUSES… such great, sing-along, choruses.
Sourpatch’s record collection includes (but is not limited to) C86 bands, Pacific-Northwest riot grrrl, pop and indie, grind and ’90s hardcore… and this week’s top 40.
Sourpatch is best enjoyed LOUD… no… LOUDER!
Sourpatch thank you, and ask that you tidy up after yourself

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