Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Seven Swans

Darren Hayman and Fika Recordings are hosting a splendid musical advent calendar, and have been kind enough to let wiaiwya have seven songs on the 7th December... it, of course had to be called Seven Swans :

it's 7th December, so why not sit back and tuck into SEVEN SWANS - the wiaiwya selection box, a CELEBRATION for HEROES on QUALITY STREET...

first up let's unwrap the caramel swirl of David Tattersall, with a beautiful instrumental blues hymn, YES! Jesus Loves Me
and then, because they're moreish, the peanut cracknell of Jeff Mellin playing a South Carolina Spiritual, Ain't That A Rockin All Night
World of Fox and Clair Horton will have you chewing on the toffee penny, a gold wrapper for their cover of the Waitresses' Xmas Wrappin'
next up the Werewandas are the purple one, these rockin' boys and girls Love You Santa Claus
what's in the blue wrapper?, ah, yes, it's the coconut eclair of Liverpool's Meow Meow, desperate for a film they haven't seen This Christmas
we're nearing the end of today's treats, but there's always room for Coming Soon, and the vanilla fudge of Last Christmas
and saved for last, the strawberry creme of Clemence Freschard, but sadly she's had a Bad Year

make sure you don't put the empty wrappers back in the tin, and hope the christmas shopping is going well... thanks to all the bands and Darren & Tom for having us along...

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